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A Letter

Dear Gathering Place, you’ve made it possible for me to keep my new year’s resolution so far. Sorry I cheated on you with my home gym. It’s just too dern cold, and I’ve decided I’m not leaving my house today for anything. Dear Space Heater, people say you’re a risk. You cause fires or something. […]


A Letter

Dear American Culture, Would you stop convincing everyone that we have to have things like smartphones, dishwashers, and vacation funds so I can stop feeling pressured to make more money and buy more things? I would really like to not have to work so much. The blame is really on me, I know, but I would […]


A Letter

Dear Adam, Yesterday you convinced 40 middle schoolers to dump beans on their head and have fun doing it. I’ve never been so proud of you and all your hours of hard work. Also, super thankful that you came all the way home to jump my car. You are one man I can’t take for granted. […]

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Happy Number Two, Dear

We’ve done it again, Adam. We’ve made it another turn around the block. Two years of tickle fights, late nights, laughing harder with you than with anyone else, one crazy dog, a house all our own, cars breaking down, financial uncertainty, lots of adventure, tough times, and quite a few tears (always my own). I’d […]