Testing the Pinterest Pin: Teabag Treatment for Hair

Does it really work?

I wanted to find out if this natural beauty treatment made any difference.

So I did what the directions said: I took two teabags (black tea for my brunette locks) and steeped them in two cups of boiling water for ten minutes before letting the mixture cool in the fridge.


Then I took a shower to get my hair ready.

Now came the problem, how to pour tea onto my head?


I walked from bathroom to bathroom trying to figure that out. Could I pour it over my head in the sink. No, too risky that it would get everywhere. Could I lean over the bathtub and pour it then. Turns out, nope. I eventually had to jump back into the shower and pour it over my head then. And than I had to stand there, for who knows how long, while the excess tea dripped into the bathtub. I was stuck, because I didn’t have a towel, and I wasn’t about to stain my carpet. But once I rinsed my hair conditioned it, everything was a-okay.

Did it work?




I mean, it does look nicer, but the lighting changed. But it does feel silky smooth. I am enjoying that.

My hair is softer, and maybe a bit more vibrant – can’t tell because it’s still wet. Will I add this to my beauty regime? Probably not.

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