Office Space: My Simply Favorite Place

Life has been kind of hectic these past couple days, so this post is going to be simple. My favorite room in my home is the combination library/office room that I sort of took over. Adam is wonderful about it.

This wicker bookcase my mom found years ago and spray painted it white. It sat in my room for years when I still lived at home, and I am so happy to have it once again. It holds the books I had when I was a teen and hope to keep for my children.


My lovely workspace. Not the most comfortable chair, but it’ll do.


Notice the electric typewriter? Used to belong to my mom. I love typing on it…too bad it’s hard to come across ink.


What was supposed to be a reading corner…


…Is the pup’s favorite perch to people watch.


Simple bookshelf to hold all the wonderful books.


My hub’s rig for our printer and Wi-Fi. Keeps it outta site and outta mind.


And this. This is my favorite part of everything. I dream out loud on this. I create on this. It is my very own chalkboard wall, and one day kids will enjoy it, too.


I’m impatiently waiting for some exciting news…it’s going to be a slow-going couple of days.



  1. Sarah Miller says:

    This is great! Finding the ideal office space for your business takes time.

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