DIY Headboard

…Of sorts. We all love the finished look of an attached headboard, but you can find other ways to dress up the bedroom. I did just that with only $25.

I bought two 2-pack canvases that were 16″x20″ for $7 each, three bottles of the most-affordable acrylic paint, and some cheapo sponge brushes.

Then I went to Pinterest (of course!) and found a picture with an inspirational design that if you want, you can purchase here on Etsy. (MurrayDesignShop has other great pieces; I’m too poor to buy them now…maybe one day)

If you read my post about how much I love painting but how bad I am at it, then you know not to expect much.

But I created a pseudo headboard anyway.







All for 25 smackers.

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