Christmas Wish List Must Haves

I LOVE Etsy, and because it’s almost Christmas, here are 5 wonderful shops that you should check out and support. I’d put specific items, but with Etsy you never know if the item will be there long.

1. The Adopt Shoppe. This little shop was started by a mom wanting to raise money to bring her adopted children home. Now her children are home with her but she still sells necklaces – she calls them billboards for your heart – to raise money for other families. She doesn’t always have things listed but does sales she announces on Facebook.

2. Sticks and Stones. My mother-in-law started a business where she sells little indoor/outdoor houses she makes. They’re beautiful, and she can even make custom houses based from a family vacation cottage or a childhood home.

3. Beautifully Esoteric. This stay-at-home mom makes burp cloths and other baby items, as well as downloadable printable.

4. FitHappy. Like chevron? Like headbands? Like the idea of working out and looking cute doing it? Then this shop is perfect for you!

5. The Savvy Shoppe. Okay yeah, this is my shop. I’m in the midst of building it as an additional component to this site. So keep your eye out for items as they’re posted.



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